Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve-The 3rd Annual Vilaire Family Spectacular

For the past few years, Tera has written and directed a play that the kids perform for us on Christmas Eve.  We've had Twas' the Night Before Christmas and The Christmas Carol versions.  This year was a Christmas around the world theme.  

They did so much work ahead of time--writing, typing, researching, making props, rehearsing.  Tera made a Christmas Around the World poster and Daniel wrote a book review of The Christmas Carol.  Tera also made those cute little flags from various countries.  I'm so astonished at what these kids can accomplish!  They worked so hard!

We had solos on the flute and piano in addition to at least one duet with flute and Michael singing along.  There were three skits telling Christmas tales from around the world.  There was even an intermission with cookies.  

It was an awesome show and one that we look forward to every Christmas Eve!  


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