Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This was not on the plan...

I've been running at break neck speed for a few weeks, now.  Then, yesterday it hit me...nausea.  I thought maybe it was from the junky food.  Not exactly!!!  By 3 PM, I realized I had a stomach bug.  I haven't felt this bad in 10 + years.  I even called JP and work to come home.  At 8 PM, Tera started getting sick.  Poor child had to take care of herself.  Fortunately, I had a few minutes of feeling well enough to ask her how if she was okay.  At one point, I was lying on the couch...praying...chanting..."Lord, please don't let the kids get this!"  over and over.  JP came home and a few hours later, Michael started getting sick.  We were up almost until 4 AM.

Both Tera and Michael seem better today.   I'm feeling better than yesterday, and hopefully it's all uphill from here.  Daniel is showing no symptoms, so I pray he and JP stay well.  Daniel listened to audio books and made Lego inventions all day. 

We had to cancel two Christmas parties, which was a big bummer.  A sweet friend brought gingerbread houses and decorations over for the kids, since they had to miss their party today.  It made the kids' day. 

While the last 36 hours have not been ideal, life is still good.  I was thinking about how we have a comfortable home to be sick in,  even when it's messy from no cleaning.   JP was able to take personal time to be home to nurse us.  That Tera and Michael seem to have a milder form of this than I do.  I'm thankful for friends and family and their prayers. 


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