Friday, March 20, 2015

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

As soon as Michael saw the Dolphin Tale movies and realized that the Clearwater Marine Aquarium was near where his grandma lives, he wanted to go. 

So, we made plans to visit on our recent trip.   We picked a cloudy Saturday and apparently everyone else had the same idea we had.  It was pretty crowded and we were still tired from Disney.  Looking back, I think I would have waited until later in the week.  It was still a fun day with Grandma! 

Tips for visiting:

1.  Buy your tickets ahead of time through AAA or another discount ticketing agency.  We saved $16 on our tickets.
2.  Visit on a weekday.  We went on a cloudy Saturday and it was crazy busy.
3.  Find out the boat schedule early.  We waited too late and "missed the boat".  The trolley ride was fun across town, but I was definitely disappointed to miss the boat ride.
4.  Make sure to visit both locations! 
5.  Pressed penny machine is found in the gift shop of the location that has all the movie props.
6.  If your kids want souvenirs, be forewarned most are pretty pricey.  They have some lower price choices that I only saw once I got in the line to pay for the small things we found on the other side of the register.  Look around the right side of the register before getting in line. 


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