Monday, March 23, 2015

A-Z: Letter of the Week activities

Letter of the week activities:  

Letters A and B:  "A told B"

Letter C:  "B told C"

Letter D:  "D" is for Daisy, Dragon, Dog, Duck...
Letter E:  Eeeeee!
Letter F:  "F" Week
Letter G:  "G" week in review
Letter H:  "H"- Hobbit week

Letter I:  "I"
Letter J:  "J"
Letter K:  Kites, Keys, KSO
Letter L:  "L"
Letter M:  Ahoy...mateys!  It's "M" week!

Letter N:  Nope, no "N" week, not necessarily, "N" week
Letter O:  "O"
Letter P:  "P" activities
Letter Q:  Mind your Ps and Qs, or just your Qs!

Letter R:  Rockets, raccoons and rainbows
Letter S:  "S" week
Letter T:  "T"otally "T" week
Letters U and V:  That Kind of Week
Letter W:  Watermelon and wheel
Letters X, Y and Z:  XYZ and all the rest!


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