Monday, March 16, 2015

Family Beach Trip

Last Wednesday before even morning people are up and at it, we headed to Florida on a trip to see JP's family.  It was a LONG drive!  I cannot count how many times Michael said, "Are we there yet?" 

We made it through rush hour in Atlanta.  I was white-knuckling it and I wasn't the one driving.  It was reaffirmed to me that I'm definitely "a small town girl".

We arrived in Orlando to meet up with JP's Aunt Judith and Uncle George and his dad.  They treated us with such hospitality and love, it was indescribable. Our stay was much too short and we will definitely remedy that the next time.   Since our visits to Florida are not very frequent, we took as many family pictures as we could! 

Friday we left to visit JP's mom and brother in the Clearwater area.  We had a blast visiting Winter at the Clearwater Aquarium, fishing on Long Pier, walking the boardwalk at John's Pass, eating seafood and just hanging out at the beach.   Hanging with Grandma and Uncle Curtis....

Although we had so much fun, the kids were ready to be home!  We are all so much homebodies that it just might be a bit pitiful.  World travelers, we will never be.  Well, except for Tera...

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