Saturday, April 2, 2016


Tera and Daniel qualified for the state team chess tournament with two other students in our local homeschool support group.  These tournaments are held at Tennessee Tech University, which is at least 1.5 hours away from our home.  There is a time change going there and back.  It's great going, but sure makes for a longer day when it's added back in on the way home.  

Our team did a great job!  I won't give a play by play, because really I cannot.  I do know that Daniel and our team captain won against a couple of players from a very prestigious academy with ratings far higher than theirs.  I overheard a comment that basically said, they did not expect this academy to lose to a home schooler.  I guess they were surprised. 

In the end, our team placed 5th overall in the high school section.  At least three of their four rounds were played against the top placing teams, so all the victories and losses were hard fought.   I love that my children LOVE chess, but I'm glad that OUR scholastic season is over.  Yes, there are more tournaments and chess club, but no more high stress qualifying tournaments that take up so much study time and travel.  For that I am truly thankful. 


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