Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spring Formal 2016

One big concern people have for homeschoolers sounds something like this:  "What about prom?  Won't they miss out on going to prom?"  Well, we are part of a fairly big homeschool support group in our area that hosts their own "prom" or spring formal.  Tera was asked to go this year and had a really wonderful time!  

She did her own hair and makeup.  She was (is) so beautiful!  

The "pinning of the corsage"  

Dinner with a group before the spring formal

Frankly, the spring formal was not really on our radar for this year, but Tera had a marvelous evening.  I'm glad we let her make her own decision to attend.  They had such a lovely time and her date was a true gentleman!  


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