Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter Sunday came the day after the state chess tournament.  We were all so tired that it was really hard for me to get good pictures out of anyone.  We attended a local church for their morning service.  After a late bedtime, a sunrise service was out of the question.  

After church pictures 

It has happened!  My two older ones didn't want to do an egg hunt this year and voiced it.  :(  But they humored me anyway and Michael's enthusiasm was helpful.  They definitely didn't mind getting what was in the eggs and opening Easter baskets.  But their baskets definitely reminded me they aren't little kids anymore.  As if, being the shorter than the both of them doesn't remind of that daily.  

We were reminded last week and every day that He is Risen and He is living and moving in our lives everyday.  


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