Saturday, June 25, 2016

2 more weeks and other random things

I pushed back our first day of school this year.  We just aren't ready to give up summer yet.  With math that felt like it was never going to be over, it really feels like we haven't had much of a summer yet.  No vacations or lots of excitement, just low key fun things spread out over the last month.    We still have two weeks and I'm definitely not going to kill myself to make up for whatever we didn't get to do this summer, but we will have several really fun things happening before school starts.  Even after school starts, we take "fun breaks" throughout July.  

Yesterday, we finished up our 4-week Bible studies.  It was so much fun that we were sad for it to end.  Definitely doing another one in the near future.  We had a water battle and make your own ice cream sundaes---what a great way to end!  Tera's group had a time of worship in addition to their regular Bible study time.

Today, we got rid of some things we had accumulated.  I always feel so "free" when we de-clutter.  It's been a long time coming.  This week also found me cleaning out our bathroom cabinet where all our toiletries, towels and medicines are stored.  It looks so much better, but was so bad that I am glad I didn't take before and after pictures.  Now, I'm under no obligation to post those.  

Last weekend, the kids played in a chess tournament.  It wasn't really a stellar day for any of them.  They pushed on through disappointment and frustration, which is an important skill to learn.  Michael was the only kid in his "class"--Class J.  Although he won no games, he walked away with the class prize of $30!  He was excited and has already decided how he is spending his money.  

Tera and Daniel bought kayaks.  Well, JP went ahead and bought them while they were on sale and they are working off what they owe with various summer jobs.  JP and the kids went out for the maiden voyage earlier this week, while I tried to go grocery shopping, but ended up being towed to the shop.  Long story short---the car had a spark plug fail and needed a major tune up.  I never realized how expensive those things were!  Anyway, they all had a wonderful time kayaking!  Hopefully, I'll be with them next time! 

I am hopefully on the upswing with my foot/ankle issues.  After  my ankle recovered and I started back exercising, my toe on the same foot got infected.  Several topical creams and oral antibiotics later, I still had to have the toenail removed last week.  Sigh!  It is feeling much better and I'm very thankful for my Chacos as it heals!  

We've got two more weeks and we plan on making the best of them! 


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