Saturday, June 11, 2016

Facing fear....

Today's belt test was quite special for us.  Michael is a very non-aggressive personality.  While we commend that trait, we want him to be able to stand up for himself and for others.  He was nervous going  into today's belt test because one of his opponents had not followed the "light touch" rule in a recent class.  We had a pep  talk after that class about how sometimes playing sports hurts and getting better at something means you hang in there.  Facing your fears are important! 

He stood his ground today and used the techniques he's been learning in class.  He got right back into fighting stance when the top of his foot collided with an opponent (and all the parents gasped).  He didn't give chase when his opponent starting running away, but waited for them to come back in to the fighting circle.  He didn't give into fear!  He persisted!  He didn't become an aggressor, but stayed in control of himself in the midst of scary situations.  My heart was full of pride, because I know this boy of mine. Today, he faced a bigger opponent than a kid in a tiger uniform--he faced his fear and overcame!

I pray that as he faces trials in life that he will remember these lessons and not let fear keep him from trying! 

The board break is always a tense time for any karate parent!

Michael had to break his board with the back kick and to be honest, it took him several tries to get it.  I know that once he is in the older class, he won't be promoted if he can't break, but I am thankful for teachers that give the younger kids extra tries to break.  Finally, he broke it and the room heaved a sigh of relief.  He  exclaimed, "Finally!"

Just another life lesson in the form of a blue belt....


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