Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Reading Lists 2016 (Rising 2nd, 9th and 10th grades)

I made a deal with my children that instead of participating in the library reading program this summer that I would pay them a specific amount to read a list of books.  Two-thirds I would choose, the other third they would choose.   Since we are done with summer early (early May) and start back early (usually first week in July), sometimes the library's program doesn't really fit in with our schedule.

Here are the lists for our rising 2nd, 9th and 10th graders:

Michael's Summer Reading List:

Note:  Some of these we read out loud.  Please forgive the fact that I included no author names.  If you are interested in a book and need to know the author, comment below and I will share that information.

Lucy's Adventure
Peter's Destiny
Paddle to the Sea
White Fang
Call of the Wild
Stuart Little
Charlotte's Web
Trumpet of the Swan
Toliver's Secret
Rabbit Hill
Henry Huggins
Cross Country with Lewis and Clark
Encyclopedia Brown Spies
Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective
Wizard of Oz
Boxcar Children- Dinosaur Mystery
Little House in the Big Woods
Burgess--Chattering Red Squirrel
Burgess--Jimmy Skunk
Burgess--Buster Bear
Wishbone Disappearing Dinosaurs

Daniel's Summer Reading List:

Across Five Aprils
Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry
My Side of the Mountain
Caddie Woodlawn
The Mysterious Mr. Miller
Sherlock Holmes book
Black Coffee by Agatha Christie
Evolution of Middle Earth-Tolkein
Christie's Old Organ
The Haunted Room
The Spanish Cavalier
The Chosen
Jane Eyre
The Story Girl
The Invisible Man
The Lilac Fairy Book
The War of the Worlds
The Basket of Flowers
Redwall book
A War in the Air--Wells
Black Star of Kingston
Cloak of Light
Twelve Stories and a Dream
C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy--Book 3
Rise of the Fallen
Light of the Last

Tera's Summer Reading List:

The Haunted Room
Mysterious Mr. Miller
The Spanish Cavalier
The Silent Barrier
The Basket of Flowers
Sierra Jensen v. 2
Sierra Jensen v. 3
Sierra Jensen v. 4
Across Five Aprils
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Sign of the Four
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Sense and Sensibility
Pink Fairy Book
Sad Cypress
Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry
Scarlet Pimpernel
King of Diamonds
Christie, the King's Servant
Red Badge of Courage
Redwall book
Little Men
Tuck Everlasting
Great Brain v. 1
Great Brain v. 2
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Audiobook- Right Ho, Jeeves
Black Coffee


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