Monday, October 10, 2016

Just the highlights...

Since I've been limiting my time on the internet during school hours, it feels like I miss sharing the little tidbits of my day as they are happening.  I'm living in the moment...

Here are the highlights of our day:

Smiles during biology class.

JP was home sick and in bed most of the day.  We had his favorite hamburger veggie soup for dinner.  Soup is good for what ails you. 
Monday is such a long day--school wise.  It's definitely a full-time job.
Shopping at night is not as much fun as shopping during the day when there are less people in the stores.
Windows open make the house smell so fresh. 
It's hard finishing school and turning around to start dinner.

No matter how many times we've heard it or said it; this still makes us laugh:

"I smell gas...I smell gas...I smell gas..."
"Alright, alright, what do you think this car runs on? Coal!"

I had the kids do a mini-research project today.  We looked at the November ballot and looked up the third party candidates listed.  They had to identify which one(s) that aligned with their ideas.  It's an important exercise to teach our kids EVEN before they are able to vote.  You vote for an individual candidate not a political party. 
I've got over 10 more years of teaching math.  That is not quite a happy thought. 
I edited a facebook post after our grammar lesson today.  :)
It's the end of the day quiet and every one is safe and (relatively)  happy in this little corner of the world. 


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