Tuesday, October 11, 2016

On the bright side...

We were up before the crack of dawn this morning for gym day.  Our wellness center does a fitness assessment and the trainer takes that information to develop a workout routine especially for you.  At your next appointment they work through your routine teaching you how to do it properly. 

I reminded myself before I went in there this morning that I am at my lowest adult weight and have maintained for about 5 years.  I know I'm a very number focused person.  I count things to fall asleep some night. 

So, the results are in:
  • Great hydration, blood pressure and bicep strength
  • Not so great back flexibility, lean muscle mass and overall body fat
The machine printout gave me my goal weight (over 20 lbs. lighter), which in my trainer's words is "the Barbie doll version of you."  So, that is definitely not going to be my goal. 

Building muscle, losing fat, being more flexible, eating healthy...those are my goals!  

On another bright side, this was our view on the way to the gym:

Photo credit:  Daniel


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