Saturday, October 8, 2016

Week something--check!

I seriously went to type the title and I cannot even remember what week of school we just completed--12 or 13, maybe?  

This was one of those weeks where I was ultra-focused on school with the kids, housework and several other things I've let slide the past couple of weeks.  One of those weeks where I asked myself, "How do I have time for anything else but this?"  But you know what happened?  When I put things in their rightful place, I had time for the other things, too.  

Highlights of my week:  playing games with Michael, conversations un-distracted with my teens, silence while driving in the car with my introverted son, new realigned priorities, God's Word speaking to me, completed assignments, getting all my prep work for next week and grades put in the system before the weekend started, Michael getting up on Friday morning excited about schoolwork, and swimming.

Michael and I have been enjoying reading Ember Falls by S.D. Smith.

Biology has been going better than I hoped this year.  In addition to the required workload (lecture, reading, videos, supplemental reading, labs, etc.), I have been able to add-in some fun hands-on activities.  Michael really looks forward to joining in on these days. 

This week's Punnett Squares activity: 

A couple of weeks ago, we did Oreo mitosis: 

Paper plate mitosis:

 Anti-smoking posters:

 French cultural activity---Lego Eiffel Tower

In British literature, the kids have already finished Beowulf, part of Canterbury Tales, Pilgrim's Progress, Paradise Lost, Comedy of Errors and are in the middle of Robinson Crusoe.  I think Tera might be finished, she enjoyed it so much!  

There are areas we are struggling in, but we are hitting those areas head-on.  So, it's all working out just fine!  



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