Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Since we go to the gym two morning a week, our MWF school schedule is heavier.  It's about 1 PM as I am writing this.  Michael is on the computer doing logic puzzles on Hooda math.  Tera is finished with regular school work, but is working on a ACT math practice test in anticipation of her exam next Saturday.  (You know I don't mean THE next Saturday, which is THIS Saturday, but the Saturday a week from now.  That is NEXT least where I come from.)  Daniel is re-doing missed math problems, because we are all about getting it right even if it takes a second time around.  He has a few little things to finish up, before calling it a day, school-wise. 
Michael and I have a play date this afternoon with a friend he met through chess tournaments.  An only child and the youngest child--they have so much fun together.  I'm privileged to be able to sit and talk with his mom, a very peaceful soul!  It's always a relaxing afternoon.
I'm tired today.  Sinus pressure is not nice.  Allergy medicine hangover is real.  That is all on that subject.
I've been de-cluttering not only my house, but my E-MAIL!  I delete so many emails without reading them from companies I've signed up for over the years.  Now, I'm unsubscribing to almost everything and then deleting.  I also changed some of my facebook settings.  It's so nice to check my email and not almost have a panic attack, because there are 30+ emails overnight or in a couple of hours some days.  Now, it's like 6.  Boundaries are good! 
I took the trash out and had a nice talk with my neighbor while I was out there. 
Who knew I could teach biology and make it semi-interesting for the kids?  I am using Guest Hollow's Biology Curriculum as our main curriculum and adding in fun hands-on activities as well.  
John Denver and James Taylor are on our playlist this afternoon. 
A fend for yourself leftover dinner and a relaxing evening is on the menu. 


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