Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Brown Belt

It was his last belt test as a Tiger (6-7 year old class).  In January, Michael will move up to the beginner class and will start working through his belts for "real". 

The dreaded board break!
Michael has had trouble in the past breaking his board.   After his last belt test, we bought some practice boards for him to use at home.  He was the highest belt at the test, so the last one to be called.  Everyone before him had the ax kick or front kick; he was glancing in my direction with nervous eyes.  I kept giving him reassuring thumbs up.  Then, he was called and the teacher asked him to come over the bags...the dreaded back kick!  Michael has never broken a board using back kick; not even at home in practice.  He tried once; twice--no break!  I start praying hard!  Then, third time was the charm.  I heard the crack and screamed pumping my arms in the air.  He bows.  The teacher presents his board and he runs over to me; where we both are rejoicing!  I missed the picture, but the memory will be forever etched in my heart! 

Third time--right before the glorious break! 

Presentation of his brown belt and his last belt as a Tiger


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