Friday, December 30, 2016

How we met....

I can't believe I've never written anything about how JP and I met! 

We had seen each other around campus throughout my freshman year.  He was the tall, quiet guy that worked back in the campus kitchen and the snack shop.  While I was chasing after other guys that never had any interest in me at all, he was quietly studying and working like you are supposed to be doing in college. 

I never really gave him a lot of thought, until my roommate suggested we should get to know each other.  My response was something like:  "The guy who wears the turquoise shirt, he's too quiet..."  If you've known me all of two minutes, quiet is not the word you would use to describe me.   She told me I should go watch him play racquetball.  I gave in and walked over.  He doesn't remember this part at all.  I mark that as the moment I started liking him. 
We started talking on the phone and getting to know each other.  Open dorm night I was hanging out in his suite all hunched over from a bad back and said I was going to go walk around the track by myself.  Being the gentlemen he was, he offered to go with me and then it was "us". 
It is all a blur, now.  The "us" had only a couple of weeks until summer vacation.  We wrote letters to each other all summer.  I have a big binder of all his handwritten letters.    He spent his summer working to pay the phone bill and a visit to me.  Before that summer was over, we knew we were going to get married. 

Although I haven't written anything about how we met, I have written a couple of  posts about our wedding:

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