Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Last week, I had a post all drafted about what a humdinger of a week we had.  I should only have to say that I was in the orthodontist's office THREE times and Daniel had two concerts over the weekend.  Karate belt test and all our other activities.  I felt crazed by the end of the week. 

On Monday we were home all day.  We did a 100 thing pick-up a piece.  Homemade dinner, laundry done, grass mowed.  I felt like I could breathe again!  It was just what I needed to start this week off on the right foot!

Daniel's flute choir, Silver Winds:

This cute fellow is taking swim lessons at our gym--two nights a week.  The older kids enjoy it because they can work out or swim at that same time.  

Posting this again, just because it reminds me how strong, how brave, how committed this girl is about a lot of things in her life!  


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