Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer begins

We've been so busy recovering from our trip that we missed our last day of school ice cream tradition.  So, we changed it a bit to the first day of summer ice cream sundaes!  

Summer is officially here, but I feel so disjointed.  Needing to plan, needing to rest and recover from last week, lots of extra activity that cannot be let go.  So, I do what I've always done--just keep breathing, putting one foot in front of the other.  I have the tendency to look at the big picture and get overwhelmed by everything all at once and then I'm stressed paralyzed. Instead of vegging out in front of the computer, I'm trying to make the most of the time.   Weeding the garden, exercising, getting dinner on the table,  plugging along with school stuff, getting everyone to their appointments, classes and rehearsals.  Sometimes life is just crazy and you have to just go with it!

One thing that is definitely saving my sanity is Michael's summer schedule!

Before you ask to get on a screen, have you: 
• Made your bed? 
• Had breakfast?
• Gotten dressed? 
• Brushed your hair and teeth? 
• Read your Bible or devotions? 

Then, you must: 
• 1 hour of reading 
• 20 minutes of writing, coloring or drawing 
• 20 minutes of practicing multiplication facts 
• 30 minutes of playing outside or other play 
• Make or build something creative 
• Clean up one area 
• Help someone 

You did it! You earned screen time for today!

Now, I don't have to hear:  "Can I get on the tablet or computer?"  fifty times in a day.  It makes saying "no" so much easier.  "Have you completed your list?"  is my response to any question regarding screen time.  It's wonderful!  

Michael has been working on learning how to do stop-motion videos.  For the small price of $2.99, we've come across something that keeps the boy busy for most of the day!  He is actually making recognizable improvement. There is definite truth in this quote I saw recently on Facebook from the author Jeannie Fulbright:  

"Homeschooling is the only environment that allows young people to become experts in their interests.”

Daniel is finishing up his Silver Winds ensemble performances this weekend.  I don't think he feels like his summer has started yet.

So, this happened today! 

Tera has been earning money and saving to purchase her electric fencing equipment for a long time.  Her two uncles made unexpected contributions to her fund and she was able to get her equipment at least a month earlier.  It's her goal to compete in fencing tournaments.  We found an extra practice venue for her nearby that will allow her to practice with her new equipment.  Watch out, she's electric!  

Not really quite the normal beginning to our summer, but we'll get there.  Summer movies, relaxing in the sun, water fights, ice cream and snow cones,  maybe a vacation thrown in there...ah, summer! 


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