Thursday, May 11, 2017

Silver linings...

Spending time with family this weekend was a definite silver lining to the parole hearing stress!

 Michael's idea when he saw this big red circle outside of Target.

Fun times with cousins

Visiting with Granny and Papa

The youngest eating lunch together at MY elementary school.  Everything looked so much smaller. 

They never get to celebrate their birthdays together, so Granny bought a big cake and ice cream! 

We stopped at the same Cracker Barrel going and coming this time.  It was much better the first time, sadly.  I look so tired by this time, because I really was! 

One of the highlights of this trip was our visit to the church where I was music minister under Bro.  D and Linda.  I have lifelong friends there and it was a wonderful time of worship and fellowship together.  My good friend Jackie had us over for lunch and it felt just like old times!  JP prayed over lunch and thanked the Lord for being back with family.  That's what they are---family!  

So many wonderful memories leading up to the best ending possible for our trip. 


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