Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Pi" Day

Today, we celebrated "Pi" day in addition to our regular schoolwork.  Well, it was mainly Michael and I until the eating part at the end.   Michael has been under the weather with allergies since the end of last week, so school has been a struggle.  I basically had to sit down with  my proverbial thumb in his back to get through the day.  You won't see pictured a half-done word search that was on the verge of sending him over the edge.  Sometimes you just have to move on!  

We graphed...

Michael's Pi Day Grid Art....

Pi paper chain--Cut different colored strips of paper-a unique color for each number 0-9.  Assign each number a color and make a paper chain to match the digits of pi.  Michael made a paper chain that reflected the first 100 digits of pi. Then, he became a pi mummy.

Michael ended his school day by watching Duke and the Great Pie War.  

Dinner was pizza pie and no-bake cheesecake.

I think there are exactly 3.14 pieces of pie left for tomorrow!

I cannot remember where I got each of the resources we used, but most came from pinterest and TpT.  Check them out for some fun free "Pi" Day resources


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