Sunday, August 26, 2018

Everybody's Birthday

The kids don't get to celebrate birthdays with their cousins, so when we do get together we have a "everybody's birthday party"!

Almost 18 years ago, Uncle John bought Tera a TY bunny. Tera became attached to "Bunny" and took her everywhere! I called him up soon after, telling him he needed to find another one as a back-up. (I thought I had messed it up in the wash and we were concerned she might lose it.)

I have had "Bunny 2.0" stored in tissue paper in a ziploc bag for all these years. I told my brother (since he won't be here for Tera's 18th birthday) that I wanted him to give it to her today. I got very choked up and almost cried!!!!

We joked that "Bunny" has lived a hard life compared to "Bunny 2.0", but there is no doubt that she's definitely been LOVED!

My clan right here... 


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