Sunday, August 5, 2018

The long week...

A few of Michael's drawings from his art curriculum:  Learn to Draw

Science is a combination of nature studies and Ellen McHenry's Botany course this semester.

Roman mosaics for British history class

Daniel's version of Roman cheesecake.  A bit stodgy is how Mary Berry would describe them!  I can't wait for later periods of British history food delicacies!  

Monday seems so long ago!  I got up first thing to go register our new car and realized that I didn't have the title yet to do that!   Boo!  Then, the title person at the car lot went on vacation.  So, hopefully we'll get that tomorrow and I can get that taken care of soon!

I felt like I got so much accomplished at the beginning of the week, but this week felt SO LONG!!  By Wednesday, Monday felt like last week!  

Voting day here on Thursday and double karate lessons for Michael.   

On Thursday night, Michael started to complain of a sore throat.  He woke up with it on Friday, so we had to reschedule our co-op day.  Good thing we did, because he started running a fever mid-morning that spiked to 102 that evening.  Besides congestion, he was fine by Saturday.  BUT he had to miss out on Tera's Bible study fun, because of our 24 hour fever-free rule.   He spent a lot of time resting in bed on Saturday listening to more audio books. 

Just a couple of pictures of the hands-on object lesson that went with the day's lesson!

Tera was gracious enough to let Michael run the course after all the other kids had left.  She even let him chase her with the water gun!  

I'm all caught up on planning for next week.  Resting today and  hoping next week doesn't feel as long as this one did! 


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