Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hodgepodge of school and life

Tera made this delicious homemade pizza!

Tera and Daniel are having a great time in British history so far!

Stonehenge projects

Roman mosaics

Rediscovered treasures

Pennsylvania recipe--Chocolate chip cookies and Hershey's candy bar!

A message I have needed to remember over the last couple of weeks!

Reorganizing our craft cabinet

Tera received her award for making the 2017-2018 All-Academic Team for USA Fencing! 

Our new van!!!!

Viking bread!  Ummm...yeah, the Vikings were a hardy people because their bread is quite robust--chokingly robust. 

Michael's extra co-op homework was to read a book of his choice and do a book report project.  He chose to do a "book report in a box".  Basically, decorate the outside of your box including the name of the book and author.  Collect 8 objects to represent things from the book and write a description of each item. Michael really enjoyed making most of his items!  

Lots of postcards! Just a few of our newest arrivals!  We are over halfway there!

This school year has gotten off to a great start! 


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