Wednesday, September 5, 2018

4-H Horticulture

Michael wanted to make his own 4-H notebook.  

With two high school students (one a SENIOR) and a elementary age child that LOVES doing everything, it can be hard to find a balance.  Michael participated in 4-H a while back with Tera and Daniel as a Cloverbud, but that wasn't offered in our local club last year.  Now that he is old enough to be an official member, we decided to join this year--just Michael and me.  

I knew it was a great decision when yesterday's meeting was on horticulture.  We are doing a botany study this semester...PERFECT!   

We met at a local garden center for a tour and all things flowers and succulents.  It was hot, but popsicles helped the kids tremendously! 

Our 4-H leader's husband designed this pond.  He talked about pond plant life and ecosystems.

After the tour, the group made a "Soil Sammy".  (He's in Michael's cup holder in the picture below)

The kids got to bring home a plant and I bought Michael a succulent.  He even took notes and sketched different plants he saw during the meeting.  To say, he had a great time would be a gross understatement. 


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