Friday, September 14, 2018

Fun Fridays: All about Seeds

We started our co-op with Tera giving a "talk" to the boys about her Motte and Bailey castle diorama.  

Our Bible lesson this month is on RESPECT!  So, we talked about personal boundaries, respecting others and respecting God.

It's too hot to be outside for a nature study, so we spent the morning studying seeds.

Dissecting black beans, talking about different kinds of seeds and discussing how they move was a great way to spend the morning learning.

Earlier in the week, I went on a seed hunt in our yard and our neighbor's yard.  The boys had a great time pulling apart the pods, cones and flowers to find the seeds.

We watched several videos:

Snack was easy--seeds, nuts, legumes and fruits!

Before we ate, we compared the different seeds from our fruits. The fact that bananas have seeds was surprising  to some!

Using only paper, scissors and tape, the boys needed to construct a "vehicle" that would help their "seed" (almond or sunflower seed) to move with wind.  This was a lot harder than it sounds! 

We also pulled out a couple of science games--Brain Box Nature and Sciology.

See the source image

These two goofballs....


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