Saturday, September 1, 2018

7 Weeks--Fun

We just completed our 7th week of school BEFORE Labor Day!  A lot of our extra activities have started or are starting this week.  We have quite the full schedule this year!  

A few highlights from the last week:

Tera used Legos and beads to represent how feudalism worked in Norman Britain.  The poor serfs were left with very little from all their hard work...

Member appreciation day at our gym came complete with smoothies from Smoothie King, which just happened to coincide with Daniel's actual birthday! 

Helping make corn muffins for Massachusetts week

Daniel and I were on to band practice and saw the biggest rainbow in the sky.  The pictures do not do it justice!  It was beautiful! 

Michael is doing quite well in drawing this year.  He followed this video tutorial to draw this anatomically correct twig for his botany study.  


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