Saturday, September 22, 2018

Medieval Projects

I have questioned myself a lot throughout this home schooling journey.  I admit I have done this with our British history course this year.  I worried about the non-traditional approach I was taking and piecing together each unit as we go--readings, documentaries, timeline work, and PROJECTS galore.  The year of projects.  But my doubts and worries are squelched when my kids produce such glorious results EVERY time AND they LOVE it!  They are honing their computer and research skills to boot!  They LEARN more than I could ever teach them using lectures. 

War of the Roses battle maps: 

Medieval timeline:  

Weaponry diagram:

Illumination project:

Historical Haikus by Daniel:  

Norsemen are coming
Lindisfarne is coming down
Long ships-- the sea wolves

Richard, Saladin
Just like Fischer, and Spaasky
Ended in stalemate

War of the Roses
Duke of York, Owain Glyn D'wr
This will not end well

Heraldry projects:

Design your own coat of arms that describes who you are.  My FAVORITE project this unit!!!!   While looking through my files on the individual states for US Geography, I happened across a huge heraldry project packet.  It was over 6 pages long and went in-depth into the meanings of almost everything.  The kids took that information and designed a coat of arms specific to themselves! 

Ogilvy clan crest and battle cry: A Fin (To the End).
Red and White symbolize military fortitude and Magnanimity and peace and sincerity. The open face helm represents a baronet or knight.
The celestial crown stands for eternal reward.
The tiger supporters represent great fierceness and valor when enraged to combat; one whose resentment will be dangerous if aroused.
The blue bars on the shield symbolize loyalty and truth and one who sets the bar of conscience, religion and honor against angry passions respectively.
The charge is an owl clutching a pen, perched on crossed thigh bones.
The owl represents one who is vigilant and of acute wit.
The pen is emblematic of the liberal art of writing and of learned employments. 
The crossed thigh bones represent mortality.
Finally, the personal motto: "Mors Non Est Finis Vitae". "Death is not the End of Life"

My Coat of Arms

 “and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you,”
1 Thessalonians 4:11

The border of the coat of arms has a pattern of ants, spiders, and bees. All of these insects are symbols of hard work. The border is a tawny color which symbolizes worthy ambition.
The green in the shrubbery symbolizes hope and joy.
The animals are symbols as well:
The beaver symbolizes industry and perseverance.
The deer symbolizes policy, peace, and harmony.
The lamb symbolizes gentleness.
The rabbit symbolizes one who enjoys a peaceable life.


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