Friday, August 7, 2009

Curriculum 2009-2010


Tera (3rd grade) and Daniel (2nd grade) each have a folder that keeps their weekly assignment sheets as well any worksheets they are working on. They also keep all their written work in these folders.

Reading- We started this year with Abeka readers but Tera wants to read "living books" this year, so she will begin to check out books from the library to read and write book reports about. Daniel will probably do the same later on this year. My kids read a lot on their own which I am very thankful.

Grammar- This year I started doing Grammar with both kids together. They use the same book that I picked up at a thrift store a few years back. We go over the lesson together, then they each complete the exercises separately.

Handwriting and Spelling- We use A Reason for...curriculum for Handwriting and Spelling. This is the second year for Handwriting but our first experience with the Spelling curriculum. I really like both these books. The handwriting book has four daily lessons with a Scripture verse as the practice work. The spelling books give the kids a lot of different activities to do with their spelling. This is the very first time I have ever bought a Spelling curriculum, I have used list found on the internet in previous years. It is refreshing not to have to come up with the ideas all on my own. The kids especially like it.

Math- We are a Saxon household. It works really well with our kids. Tera is in 65 this year. I am going to try and push Daniel ahead a little this year. He breezes through the exercises so we are hoping to do Math 2 this semester and Math 3 next semester, but I'll let him lead on that.

Social Studies- For social studies I use Bob Jones Heritage Studies 3 as a springboard. Tera and Daniel read the chapter and then I plan a unit on that subject. This semester we are in American history. Some units we are covering are: Colonial America, Lewis and Clark, Westward Expansion and/or Pioneer Days and beginning the Civil War. I am excited about our social studies this year. We hope to do a great deal of hands-on learning. I also pick a book from the Sonlight list that goes along with our unit of study as a read aloud. Right now, we are reading Johnny Tremain. I never read it growing up, so I am enjoying it right along with them.

Science- I use Bob Jones Science 3 as a springboard as well as the Tennessee Standards for Science. Some units we are doing this semester are: Classifying Animals, Birds, and Human Body. We are also studying life cycles and will try our hand at a Live Butterfly Garden. Science in the past has not been as hands-on as I would like, so this year I am trying extra hard to make that happen.


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