Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Unit Week Day 3

Day 3 of our Unit week was just a little hectic but very successful. JP worked until 1 AM last night so needless to say, I was just a little tired going into today, but we finished everything on our list.

Today we:

  • Tested for life by finding objects and asking the living vs. non/living questions: Does it reproduce? Does it respond to its environment? Does it adapt to its environment? Does it have cells? Does it need energy? Does it grow and develop?
  • Investigated with insect mouth parts. Made models of insect food and insect mouths and then predicted which mouth would best eat which food.
  • Compared the cover of birds and mammals by examining with a magnifying glass feathers and hair. Compared what happened when we dripped water on the feather and hair. (I would have had a picture of some of this but it was a little hectic and our session ended with water dumped on my new teacher's edition and me in a self imposed time out), but all ended well.
  • Talked about the differences between warmblooded and cold blooded animals as well as the different types of eaters- (carni-, herbi-, and omni-)
  • Made Pequot Indian Dioramas (pictured above) from the book Easy Make and Learn Projects: Colonial America loaned to me by a friend, (which I cannot link to for some reason).
  • Read about the three divisions of the colonies: New England, Middle and Southern
  • Colored our 13 colonies map to reflect the three divisions.
  • Reviewed The Preamble with hand motions.

All in all, a full and fun day. The kids are upstairs making their own dioramas. All is quiet on the homefront---for now.


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