Friday, August 28, 2009

Plan B- Oak Ridge Children's Museum

Waterworks- Our favorite exhibit of the day all around.

Michael's first encounter with wildlife.

Tera and Daniel in the watchtower looking for spies

Tera riding the train

Michael's favorite exhibit- "Waterworks"- He loves the water anytime!

Tera conquering the kingdom in the imagination room.

Tera the beekeeper, my hero!

Michael riding the old fashioned baby bouncy seat in Grandma's Attic.

We had planned on going to the Zoo last week to finish our science unit on Classifying Animals but JP had to work, so we scheduled it for today since he was off for Daniel's birthday. Only one problem, it rained all morning so Plan B. I looked up the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge, got directions and we were off.


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