Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unit Week Day 4

As I said earlier this week, we are one big happy family but even happy families have their really off days. Mom and Dad "misunderstanding" each other, one child throwing water on the ceiling and the bathroom floor for fun, a cranky tired baby, (Tera actually had a pretty good day today- yesterday she dumped water on my teacher's edition and tripped on the living room lamp bending it before catching it so it didn't knock Michael on the head)- that in a nutshell has been our last two days. We are not perfect by any means, we are just getting by some days- today was one of those days. How we accomplished so much is a miracle.

Today we:

  • reviewed our French with Muzzy

  • read a booklet on Animals

  • made a peek inside log cabin

  • made a "bark" hornbook and wrote on it with a "quill" pen

  • read about Colonial schools, play and life

  • made models of spiders and insects

It doesn't sound like as much today but it took us a great deal of time to finish our projects. Tomorrow we finish up our week long unit, it's our big day. Games, Recipes and Colonial School activities. The kids can't wait.


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