Friday, August 28, 2009

Unit Week Last Day

Our last day was a really cool day. We did an activity with fingerprinting in the morning for Science but around lunch time, we had some homeschooling friends over to do some group Colonial activities. If it had not been for my friend Sarah, we would have had a rough go of it.

We did all kinds of activities:

  • played games- Colonial tops, whirligigs, (which Sarah figured out and showed the kids), ball and triangle game, ball and cup game, marbles, bowling
  • solved riddles, tried rebus puzzles and tongue twisters
  • made Johnny cakes and homemade butter (as pictured above)
  • "sewed" colonial pockets
  • ate lots of bread and gingercake
  • played hide and seek and tag
  • watched America Rock while making butter
  • made Marigold dye

It was a great day!


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