Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ancient Greece Day 2 and 3

One of our kids had a doctor's appt. this day so we had to miss out on a get together we had planned on attending. So I thought I would have to add some things, but the kids got so into their work that was not the case.

Here are some of the sites and activities:

Daily Life

Sparta online interactive story and game

Go For the Gold online game on root words

Ancient Greece British Museum site with lots of interactive stories and games

We've been studying the different columns in Greek architecture, so we drew the 3 basic types and then using our Landmark Flash cards and a book on the State Capitol, we found examples of the different types of columns.

Photobucket Photobucket

Some great reading books we borrowed from the library:

International Food Library- Food in Greece
Kids in Ancient Greece
How'd They Do That- Ancient Greece
World History Series- Ancient Greece
Hercules, The Man, The Myth, The Hero
Aesop's Fables My son loves this book with illustrations by Milo Winter
History News: The Greek News

Our geometry lesson was on angles today. We learned how to measure angles using protractors, drew some angles and made origami whales.


Day 3:


Athens Story and Challenge

Greek Mythology


Greek Architecture- descriptions of the 3 orders with examples

We did a lesson on circles today for geometry. We drew circles using a compass, measured diameters and radiuses. Then we did the little experiment below.

Put a coffee filter around a drinking glass. Draw a circle with a 1/4 inch diameter in the center. Then a circle around it with a 3/4 inch diameter. Drop 5 drops of water waiting 10 seconds in between each. When it dries measure the diameter in 4 different places and take the average.

Photobucket Photobucket

We did this art project-- Sunset Over the Sea

I thought they turned out great...I did have to help cut the paper towel tubes.



As with science this year, I am using Lesson Pathways for all my ancient civilization units.


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