Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seed Dispersal and The Nutcracker

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We got together with some friends for a lesson on seed dispersal. The kids watched a video about the various methods of seed dispersal, then witnessed firsthand how seeds move. I'm sure our friend will be finding those wispy seeds everywhere for weeks to come. Then the assignment: take your seed (an almond) and make it fly/move using only paper, scissors and tape. We had all kinds parachute, rolling tubes, airplanes. They tested their designs in front of a blowing fan.

I just realized how fitting the music lesson on The Nutcracker went with our science that day. I am always so impressed with our group of kids especially when it comes to music lessons. They pick up so fast and always enjoy themselves. I love teaching music but especially to this group.

For more pics of our day, check out It's a Boy's Life and The Forest Room


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