Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ancient Greece: Days 6 and 7

Day 6

This day in geometry we studied and drew square/triangular arrays. We also continued to work with protractors and measuring angles by constructing a string protractor. (Basically tie a thin string through the vertex hole. Line one ray of the angle up with the 0 degrees line and then line the string with the other ray to measure the angle)

The Secrets of the Parthenon- Nova video dealing with the restoration of the Parthenon

Build a Temple Challenge

Greek Alphabet- We read about, wrote out and labelled the alphabet. Then the kids wrote their names in Greek characters.

Greek Jeopardy This is a very awesome game. 1 or 2 person option, so the kids played against each other and did fairly well with just a little frustration.

Greek Root Words Matching Game

We didn't get everything done today that I would have liked, but again we had a checkup for one of the kids so that always throws the day off.

Day 7

Parthenon- reading
Parthenon Video- short video discussing the various views of ownership of parts of the Parthenon by the British Museum.
3D Animated Tour of the Parthenon
Another 3D animation

Today we talked about circles and pi in our geometry lesson. Tera and Daniel got a lot of multiplication practice calculating circumferences of circles. We had a cool experiment
that compared area of circles with areas of rectangles.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Design a Greek Pot- online interactive

Greek Vase Printable
The kids played Greek Jeopardy again and that really helped cement some things they are learning.
Funny story: Tera is watching the Muppet show tonight, when she runs in and says "Hey, they have Corinthian columns in this opening song."

Day 8 will wrap up our unit including a Greek feast, Mini Metric Olympics, more geometry and crafts with friends.


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