Friday, July 8, 2011

Homemade Soap

Tera had asked me to make homemade soap...she wanted to experiment for an entry in the Tennessee Valley Fair.  Her blue bar on the side has a red starfish buried in it but it didn't quite lay flat.  She was going for a red, white and blue effect.  We'll put it aside and look at it again later to decide if she will enter it or not.  Daniel wanted to make some as well...we can never stop at one bar a piece.

I started making melt and pour soap when the kids were toddlers.  (I learned how to do this easy soapmaking at a MOPS meeting)  I went out and bought all the materials and have done several little amateur demos through the years.  Basically, teaching other ladies or my kids and their friends how to do it.  I experimented a little today as well with some crushed oatmeal and lavender.  I was very pleased with how my bar turned out. 


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