Friday, July 8, 2011

Today...I ran away!

I ran away from home this morning.  From what you may ask? 

  • a potty training toddler that must have an overactive bladder
  • a dog that peed on my dining room floor
  • children that have cereal when we are low on milk that I had hoped would stretch until tomorrow when we were going out anyway
  • children asking me about movie night before 8 AM in the morning
  • knowing my husband will be leaving 2 hours early today for work
  • dishes that need washing, clothes that need washing, floors that need mopping, bills that need to be paid when I can take the time to pull out a new checkbook, etc.
I haven't left our little house and plot of earth in about a week.  In between, washing my hands for the umpteenth time after supervising potty breaks that seem like they come every 10 seconds and correcting my little man for every thing under the patience is thin.  Add in overtime... my own crazy 37th birthday on Sunday...staying up too late and you've just spelled out the formula that can only equal running away. 

As soon as I walked out into the fresh air, my brain cleared.  I felt refreshed.  I headed to....TARGET.  Not really very glamorous but I'm a practical girl.  I bought dog food, school supplies (a new globe), birthday presents for one of my little dears and I underwear.  :)  It was raining hard while I was in the when I came out I splashed through the puddles without a care of getting messy.  I got my milk, bread and fruit and listened to country music and bluegrass on the way home. 

I would love to say when I walked in the door, it was like a new world but that's not reality.  I still have kids and a dog and a husband.  I'm still washing my hands more times than I'd like to count.  I'm still running low on patience but I'm so thankful for a short reprieve to splash through puddles and gain a little more sanity.  Hopefully, that little bit will last through the day. 


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