Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things I didn't believe...

Things I didn't believe about getting older....

  • Sometimes your face breaks out like it did when you were a teenager.
  • Gaining weight would be so easy....losing weight would be near impossible. 
  • And then everything is redistributed to the worse places.
  • Sleeping in actually gets harder and harder, even if everyone else is still asleep.
  • When you're young, you don't consume things because you don't LIKE them...when you're older, you don't consume certain things because they cause physical and emotional problems. 
  • That you still feel young, but your body doesn't attest to that fact.
  • When the doctor sees you, he/she remembers your name without looking at the chart. 
  • You remember clearly things multiple decades ago. (like it was yesterday)
  • The music we listened to as kids is now on the oldies station.
  • You wonder how much my body will ache tomorrow after I do _________________.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes is more important than fashion.  (Can anybody say Crocs?)
  • When you bend over to get look around to see if there is anything else you can take care of while your down there. (My husband added this one in particular)
  • Eventually you stop worrying about gray hairs because they will soon outnumber the original colored one. 
  • You realize before your next birthday at least one of your children will be taller than you. 
  • You remember shows on TV land when they were prime time. 
  • What was fashionable when I was growing up... are Halloween costumes today.
  • You would own at least one expensive piece of medical equipment. 
  • You would appreciate it when your family uses 1 candle instead of your actual birth years. 
  • You start to appreciate things now that you thought were goofy growing up. 
  • You would get excited and giddy about practical gifts like new socks and cooking utensils.
  • You realize that age really is a number and all those numbers equal great memories that you hope you never forget. 


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