Friday, March 23, 2012

I shouldn't say "it's been a long week" because I feel like that is all I ever say.  Random statements are all I have left.

I went this morning for a 2nd shot in my foot for a neuroma, I let go for over 5 years.  For all you younger people out there, don't let health problems slide-Take care of them! Or you will regret it later when they are injecting cortisone into the top of your foot.

My new indulgence I posted about is definitely not helping me lose those pounds I've gained since Christmas.  So I'll say good-bye to my new friend- at least until after my 20th high school reunion coming up this fall.

Does anyone else feel like all they do is buy groceries and the refrigerator only stays stocked for 2 days?

I've been waking up at 6 AM every morning this week.  Waking up early to pray, read my Bible and get a shower before the kids wake up or at least get up.  Mostly I've been successful and that's probably why I made it through this week intact.

My back has been hurting for a few days. 

I've been putting off writing my letter of protest to the parole board in the case of my brother's murderer.  It was really weighing me down to the point of snapping at everyone around me.  I was getting nasty and really irritable.  I just decided I better go ahead and do it before I get kicked out of the house or my husband starts living on the roof (Proverbs 25:24).  Thursday during Tera's piano lesson, I did it.  I felt like Frodo after he threw the ring in the fire- the burden was gone- I was at peace!  I apologized to my family and all is well in the household again. 

We've got about a month of official school left.  I'm ready for a vacation!

I like having kids old enough to help around the house!

Here's my version of Garrison Keillor:  "Well, that's the news from around here...where all the women are crazy, the men are understanding and the kids know how to make lots of noise."


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