Wednesday, March 14, 2012

National "Pi" Day

This is how we celebrated National "Pi" Day! 

Before you think I'm really intentional and planned out...let me give you the scoop. 

I saw a post about 3.14 being National "Pi" Day asking what pie you were having tomorrow?  Someone answered "pizza?".  Since I knew we'd be working in the yard most of the morning, I took a quick inventory and  realized I had the ingredients for pizza.  I did not have ingredients for an easy pie.    So, I ran out first thing this morning for cleaning supplies and one of those "no bake" cheesecakes and a can of cherry pie filling.  I had Tera whip it up and there ya go!

The kids are now watching Veggie Tales- Duke and the Great Pie War!

How are you celebrating National "Pi" Day?


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