Monday, May 21, 2012

Times like these

It's been a long time since I lived in Alabama...almost 10 years to be exact. Times like these I wish I was there again. My mom's boyfriend of 23 years is in the hospital right now. He has pneumonia and they thought that was why he was having so much trouble. Trouble talking, walking, short of breath and just weak. My mom made him go to the emergency room...they ran test and admitted him to the hospital yesterday. Test results show a blood clot in his lungs. They are using meds to break up the blood clot. The doctor came in earlier and told them if he had been stubborn and not listened to my mom about coming to the ER, he would have died. He keeps telling everyone how she saved his life.  And she tells everyone it wasn't her...God saved his life. 

Fred is like a dad to me and my kid's PawPaw Fred. He's not like family, he is family. My mom is only leaving his side to take care of things and is delegating some of those responsibilities to his trusted neighbors. She is so upset...yet trusting God. I wish I could be there to help her shoulder this immense load, but I can only stay here and pray...pray hard for his life and spiritual state. Pray for my mom's strength and health.  

I've experienced the strength that only God can give and I know He never fails.  No matter if I'm there or not....He is there and He is taking care of everything! 


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