Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dauphin Island Wildlife

It was Michael's little dream to catch a frog while we were on vacation.  JP caught this toad (?)  and Michael was so happy to hold it in his hand.  Daddy also caught one of the many little lizards around our condo and let it run up Michael's life jacket.  I freaked out in the background.  

 Ghost or sand crabs

 A loggerhead turtle nest with empty eggshells all around.

 An egret and turtles in the bird sanctuary

A seagull or as JP so fondly calls them...the cockroach of the sea.

 Blue Herons

 A heron footprint next to JP's footprint.

On our last day, we saw dolphins really close to the beach as well as tons of moon jellyfish.  If we had not been walking on the beach because of the jellyfish, we would never have seen the dolphins.  Tera called it a blessing in disguise.  It truly was! 


  1. The turtle nest is awesome. I've never seen one. I like the pic of the sand in a fan shape from the crabs. Tricolored herons are smaller, have white bellies, and yellow on their legs. Looks like you have a great blue - notice the brown patches at the top of the legs and lighter neck.

  2. Thanks for bird diagnosis. :) I was looking at a brochure on the way home and was going on my memory. I like that crab fan design, too!

  3. Great pictures! I haven't been to the beach since we moved. I miss the cool sand in the evening during sunset. In all our trips back so far, no beach visits. Will have to make that a priority next time. :)

    1. I know! 2 years ago, we went to a shell beach. No walking on the beach there! This was awesome sand. I enjoyed the sunsets the most. The breeze need to go next time you're making a visit!



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