Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fort Gaines

When you arrive at Fort Gaines, you begin in the gift shop.  After you pay the admission, which for our family of 5 was right around $24 (under 5 is free), you receive a self-directed tour brochure.  There are 23 numbered stops around the Fort.  

There were lots of cannons!

Fort Gaines had a very interesting latrine system....

There were several underground tunnels and staircases to explore. If your kids like exploring, this is a awesome place to visit. 

The actual anchor from the U.S.S. Hartford, Admiral Farragut's flagship.  

Ship wreak pieces found in the bay.

There is a small air-conditioned museum right around #19.  While the contents were not overly impressive, the air conditioning was phenomenal.  Alabama in September is hot and humid. 

The highlight of the tour is a live blacksmith demonstration.  He is there on Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  It was a great presentation.  Although the weather was very hot and humid, it was actually cooler inside the smithy shop.  He makes one project start to finish during the presentation and walks you through each step.  You can also purchase an ornamental horse shoe or various key chains ($5-$8).  The intricate designs he can shape are amazing!

Shaping a leaf keychain

Michael held at cannon point. 

Don't visit Dauphin Island without making a stop at Fort Gaines.  They also have the best priced Dauphin Island t-shirts we found on the island. 


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