Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mosaic Reviews: eduPad's iTooch apps

This is an informational review for those interested in educational software apps for their tablets and other compatible devices.  

eduPad, a French-based company of educational apps for grades K-8 and  the creators of iTooch (touch, learn) believe:  "Tactile tablets and smartphones are changing the way we learn. They are intuitive and have the ability to eliminate the barriers between school and home, work and personal life, play and study."

  • Available now for Android devices as well as Windows 8 and RT Tablets and Apple products.
  • No internet connection required to use this app. 

  • Students earn badges and unlock new material as they progress through the achievement levels.  
  • The app contains it's own virtual blackboard and calculator for student use in working problems without leaving the program.

  • All lessons are multi-media.
  • There are between 1,500 and 6,000 activities per app that your student can use as learning tools.  Each activity can be completed in practice or test mode.  Students can access lesson summaries and helps for each activity.
  • In-app purchases for additional materials, automatic updates, and ways to provide in-app feedback.

You can try certain versions of this app for free or purchase at the following links:  Android, iOS, or Windows 

For more information, visit


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