Friday, September 20, 2013

What a week!

It was such a beautiful week!  We started one part of our fall garden by giving each of the kids a small plot and the choice of seeds to plant.  They had to pick two varieties (at least) of salad greens, one root vegetable variety and one any other variety.  Michael really got into school this week,  especially when we found the above caterpillar (We think it  is a swallowtail, otherwise known as a parsley worm) and with planning his own little garden.   It was so cute seeing his list of plants in his own handwriting.  

The weather is cooling, so what better time to do school work outside.

Thursday is turning out to be a big day for us.  First, a morning art class...

Michael hangs out with me...we read books and then he plays with toys or his little v-tech in a couch cushion fort.  

It's a sack lunch in the car before we head to the library for chess club.

Daniel's crazy experiment from science on improvements in gunpowder.  It seriously looks like someone threw up on the kitchen counter. 

It was crazy to get back into our routine this week.   We all were out of sorts, but we're getting there, finally.   Daniel asked me, "When is fall break?"  I replied, "Last week!"  It might be a long semester...


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