Friday, September 20, 2013

Fun Times

We stayed in a nice condo that I found on  The rates after Labor Day drop considerably, so we got a great deal.  The floor plan was really nice for our family.  It was a 2 bedroom condo, but had a large sofa and a futon.  So, we put Daniel in the bed, Tera on the futon and Michael on the couch.  Everyone had their own space and no bedtime fusses. 

The condo had it's own boardwalk down to the beach and a pool.  

We had tons of down time throughout the day.  We definitely did not want to get sunburned.  In addition to using sunscreen, we tried to limit our time outside to before 10 AM and after 2 PM.  It's still pretty hot during those times, anyway.  

We played games, watched I Love Lucy and The Thin Man movies, and listened to Lamplighter audios...oh, and snacked a lot.  (almost all healthy snacks, too)  

Bird of paradise

Our quick trip to the Bird Sanctuary.  I'm sure when there are more migratory birds present, it's more exciting, but we were quite  underwhelmed.  We did not stay long because the mosquitoes were biting everyone.  Some even through our clothes.  There are two alligators that live in the sanctuary, but all we saw were a few little snapping turtles and an egret.  (Not that I really wanted to see an alligator...)

Toward the end of the week, Michael was wearing out.  One afternoon he put himself to bed for a nap. 


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