Thursday, March 27, 2014

Say Amen

It's been a hard week. Sometimes it's the little things that can drag you down.

"This life is a journey we walk by faith 
And there will always be the mountains in our way 
But right here in this moment, may our strength be renewed 
As we recall what God has done and how we've seen Him move" 

Little things that don't go the way you planned.
Messes that never seem to end.
People saying one thing and doing another.
Having somewhere to go EVERY DAY!
Laundry that seems to double for no apparent reason.
Piles of things that need to find a new home.

It's easy to dwell on these things and let it color our world an unnatural grey. Easy to dwell on the darkness.

"Sometimes through the darkness, it's hard to see 
So just be brave and follow where He leads." 

I have found Him faithful
I know He's able
I have seen His power
I have been brought through the fire time and time again!
I have found joy in the middle of sorrow
Peace in the storm, hope for tomorrow
And seen time and time again.

So, I'll just say, "Amen!"


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