Friday, March 21, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Exercise

Three Things Thursday

Okay,'s really Friday!  We've had such a nice, relaxing spring break that I would like to pretend it's Thursday today.  

I have this love/hate relationship with exercise.  I believe I'm one of those people who do not lose weight when they exercise.  That part is kinda depressing, I know.  So, I start exercising and then see "no results"  (aka number on the scale going down) and I give up. 

This is a pep talk for myself as much as I hope to inspire others to get past their "number" and get moving!

Three Benefits of Exercise (at least for me):

#1  While the scale tells me I still weigh the same,  I still feel and look smaller.  Exercise tones all...well, some of the not-so-tone parts of my body. I move easier AND faster.  The more I get up and move, the more I want to get up and move!  It's a win-win!

#2  It's good for other important numbers.  My family (men and women) has a history of heart disease.  My dad died before he turned 50.  So, I keep up on my cholesterol numbers.  Last year, I had actually gained a couple of pounds from the year before, BUT I raised my HDL (good cholesterol)  12 POINTS!!!  That is really hard to do, but I was exercising more than I am now.  Exercise keeps my heart healthy!

#3  Exercise-It does the emotions good!  Not only do I feel better physically when I have consistent exercise, but my emotions are more on an even keel.  All those good brain chemicals that exercise releases make you feel good.  I have more confidence in my body.  I feel better about myself.  

A friend (a very physically fit friend) told me recently "Get rid of your scale!"  I didn't want to listen to her.  I'm kinda compulsive about getting on that thing.  But it is not my friend.  It really is a sabotage agent from the realms of darkness.  Well, that's a bit extreme, but you get the point.  So, (for now) I will put away the scale and just keep on moving!  

To clarify, here are my exercises of choice:  Most days, walking and keeping track of steps with a pedometer (shooting for 10,000).  I will throw in 30 mins of Tai Bo workout video and sometimes Tai Chi.  With my IC, I have to be careful about what kinds of exercises I do.  


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