Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Things Thursday--The 20th Anniversary Edition

Three Things Thursday

Next week, we'll mark our 20th wedding anniversary. So, I thought I would share some anniversary trivia. 


#1-- We eloped while our college was on spring break!  There was no big wedding.  No parents or walking down the aisle.    He wore a suit and I wore a simple white dress with yellow forsythia in my hair.  We had a church wedding with our three pastors.  They just happened to all three have wide open schedules that day, which was so unusual for a church that size.  There were 4 people in attendance not counting our best man and maid of honor who both wore jeans to the ceremony.  (They didn't have much notice!)   The maid of honor's husband took the only pictures we have of our wedding, because JP forgot to put film in his camera.  The music minister sang a song and played his guitar, but I can't really remember it.  It was one of those standard wedding songs.  I was just too nervous and I'm so surprised I could repeat my vows. 

#2-- Before we got married and even long after, we didn't have much money.  As we were buying the bare minimum for our wedding--license, dress, shoes, flower for me to hold, it was tight.  We had $60 to buy our  two wedding bands.  So, we headed down to the local pawn shop to see what we could find. We found 2 rings we liked and then he told us how much they were.  Too much!  He must have seen our downcast eyes, because he suddenly remembered a discount on rings.  $56 with tax.  We had just a little over $2 left.  I still love that reminds me of young love that just doesn't care about such things.  

#3--We postponed our honeymoon for a year because of #2.  We took a weekend to go to this remote bed and breakfast at Fall Creek Falls State Park.  It was wonderful!

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